I am Morgan Sia and welcome to my blog.


Looking back at my experiences couple of years ago, my seafaring career started when I joined MV BULK CEDAR, an ocean-going bulk carrier at the age of 20 years old as an apprenticemate and served there for 18 long months.

Life on-board the ship was never been that easy. The strenuous work, intense pressure associated with heavy deadlines and the deplorable living conditions as to being away from the family and anti-socialism makes this profession and every seafarer at the helm of abnormal state. Though we are paid high compensation for that, it’s never been enough than to see your family and loved one’s everyday at the reach of your hand.

To be a seafarer one should have TONS of patience, MULTITUDES of hard work, and a GIGANTIC pool of perseverance to SUCEED with this endeavor. At the end of each day, I just only found out that all my efforts have just been directed to the progress and wellness of the so-called my EMPLOYERS or OWNERS of the company I have worked in. I still woke up early from the bed I used to sleep JEESH!!! I am still an EMPLOYEE!!!

I may have circumnavigated the world for free and reached vast oceans of various continents but there is no feeling of security and contentment in employment.

Since I wanted to break that chain of being an EMPLOYEE forever, I found various ways on the internet and devised them to my advantage to harness it maximum power and potential.


My Business resides in the Internet. The Internet is a cyber world wherein all things and sites are interconnected with each other which may provide us with multiple sources of information through electronically transmitted data. It’s a dimension wherein possibilities are limitless and opportunities are boundless.

For every household that has a family desktop computer to every internet café available in different cities across the nation and around the globe, then MY BUSINESS RUNS 24/7 on AUTOPILOT.

The Internet serves as a very powerful vehicle to transport businesses from one region of the earth to the other at just few clicks on the computers’ mouse.


Several months ago while studying and focusing on to what the Internet has to offer in order to create massive income, I have discovered lots of them, and guess what? Most of them offer you that --- you can earn money online for FREE.

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I have spent thousands of hours just to be ever sure if all of the information I have just read are genuine, alas!!! they are 100% true and legitimate. A lot of creating money online programs appears to be true and legitimate, but they are just mere scams and schemes. It is only these so-called gurus make most of the money online.

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