About Me

I am Morgan Victorio U. Sia,seafarer by profession and started my seafaring career at the age of 20. I used to board MV BULK CEDAR as an apprenticemate. It is an ocean-going bulk carrier vessel that traded worldwide. After 18 long months of service, I got my vacation leave from the company from which I am employed in for a period of 8 months.

Actually, theres no such vacation happened for I have to cope with the up coming licensure examinations for DECK MARINE OFFICERS which is to be conducted by the PROFESSIONAL REGULATION COMMISSION. Fortunately, I passed and got my license as an OFFICER-IN-CHARGE OF NAVIGATIONAL WATCH last November 2008.

Though I didn't have the vacation I dreamed of together with my loved one's and family, I am still happy about it because I did what it takes to get my license.

In 2009, I boarded MV BULK AUSTRALIA as an Ordinary Seaman (OS) and later after a couple of months, it is through courage, hardwork and determination, they promoted me to Able-Bodied Seaman with a very strong recommendation coming from the ship's captain-CAPT. LEON P. BANZUELA, Jr. Again I am thankful for those people who really trusted me in my capabilities along the way in my career.

But life on-board the ship was never been that easy. The strenuous work, intense pressure associated with heavy deadlines and the deplorable living conditions as to being away from the family and anti-socialism makes this profession and every seafarer at the helm of abnormal state. Though we are paid high compensation for that, it’s never been enough than to see your family and loved one’s everyday at the reach of your hand.

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In this blog, you can find just good PTC websites. Please feel free to enjoy this blog with your comments. If you want to sign in a new PTC but you’re not sure if it is a scam, leave a comment and I will check for you.

To your SUCCESS!!!
Morgan Victorio Ursal Sia
Founder, Click and Earn Online.blogspot.com